domingo, 22 de março de 2009

Star Sounds Orchestra - Music for Qigong Dancing (2004)

Star Sounds Orchestra is a phenomena!Although their name is mainly known within the Goa-Trance Scene, their music goes far beyond your usual 'Trance Act' and they are just about to break out of their niche into the more mainstream market. Before they became an international regarded GOA Trance Live act, for many years Star Sounds Orchestra was heading the New Age Scene with intense planetary tuned spherical ambient tunes.Their new Album reflects these both sides of the duo and this is what makes them outstanding and unique.

1. Temple of life
2. Buenos dances
3. Sunrise of the third millenium
4. Red sun Tokyo
5. Golden goal
6. Tekkno beat
7. Venus convention
8. Sultanas delight
9. Oceans of mine phase 3
10. Connectin heaven and earth
11. Power of the bear
12. Meeting of bears
13. Fighting of bears
14. Grace of the cranes
15. Dance of the cranes
16. Wind beneath my wings
17. Tiger sounds
18. Tiger jungle
19. Tiger fight
20. Tiger force
21. Moving snakes
22. Snake in the water
23. Dancing Snakes


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